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review: dermaflash.

{$189, at dermaflash.com}

my skin can be like a petty friend; holding on to things it shouldn't.

i exfoliate, i facial, i clarisonic, all in the hopes of ridding myself, particularly my chin of dead, grimy, clingy cells.  and it works, but not as well as just scraping the dead skin right off, is what i've learned.

the dermaflash is an at-home version of dermaplaning (essentially running a scalpel over the skin to remove dead skin and debris).  it is a single blade device that one can run over the face to safely achieve this at home.  since i basically hate any gadget with a charger i didn't want to fall for this one, but it works so well. i'm getting basically 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time because of my baby, but i literally looked in the office mirror last week and said out loud "wow, my skin looks good!".  it's become my sunday ritual.

to know:

  • unlike the clarisonic this is used on dry skin.  it even comes with a special face wash to prep the skin and thoroughly dry before using.  translation - do not take this in the shower!  
  • in addition to removing dead skin it also removes the soft vellus, or "baby, hair from cheeks and chin.  this means afterwards your skin feels incredibly smooth.  products and makeup go on much more evenly.
  • it's a deep cleanse, so once a week is optimal.  this is not a more = more situation.
  • each blade is single use.

the kit costs $189, including the device, 6 replacement blades, prep wash, and sooth aftercare.

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