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review: neostrata skin active retinol + NAG complex.

{$78, available through medical providers and neostrata.com}

i love retinol.  it's one of the things i believe in most fervently.  evolution, always wearing blush, and retinol.  retinol makes even more sense to me than evolution, though because i can actually see the results in days.  aside from getting fillers it's the number one thing a 30-something can do for their skin to get noticeable results.

i'm always down to try a new retinol, and the neostrata skin active retinol + NAG complex has proved to be a new favorite.  the downside to retinol use is a notorious side effect of reddening and irritating skin for a few days after use.  this version is gentle (i've had zero skin irritation), yet effective for smoothing skin.

this quote from the neostrata's VP of clinical affairs kinda says it all for me in terms of antiaging skincare:
Sunscreen aside, Retinol is one of the most important ingredients you can use to prevent and correct signs of aging skin,” says Barbara Green. “It addresses everything from wrinkles to uneven tone to acne and pore size, making it a must-have in every skin care routine. With the SKIN ACTIVERetinol + NAG Complex, we are able to deliver a high strength retinol formulation that is augmented by the matrix building and volumizing effects of NeoGlucosamine which we call NAG. It’s a new way to use retinol.”
that's exactly what i would say - sunscreen + retinol = holy grail.  and this retinol is a perfect balance of effective and not harsh.  (applause emoji).

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