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review: younique moonstruck 3D fiber lashes.

{3D fibers on top, transplanting brush on bottom, image via blogher.com}

i love lash extensions.  a lot.  i also hate sitting still for over an hour to have them applied.  a lot.

i recently declared that a personal embargo on mascara unless it looks so extra that it could be mistaken for extensions.  and i stand by that (read about that here).  i now finally found a product that delivers a reasonable dupe.

younique moonstruck 3D fiber lashes works so well its sort of baffling.  it is a multi-step process, but it only takes about 5 minutes to complete, and it's easy.  the downside is it only last a few hours, unlike extensions that are there for weeks.

the steps:

  1. apply transplanting gel - to the untrained eye looks essentially like mascara.  also, should be applied exactly like mascara, root to tip of lash.
  2. apply 3D fibers - this is the magic step.  a separate wand over lashes suddenly adds lashes where none or stubby lashes were previously.  
  3. apply transplanting gel - again.  another layer on top presumably to set the 3D fibers, though i wore it both with and without this step and didn't see a huge difference in the wear.

either way, i LOVE the 3D fibers.

{my snuffaluffagus lashes, as amber would say.  $29 at youniqueproducts.com}

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