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review: hard candy all day eyeliner.

{available at walmart, $6}

thick.  a word that's been at the center of a lot discussions about beauty standards lately, and that i've been catching in the periphery.  two days ago buzzfeed shared 17 reasons why plus-sized women shouldn't wear bikinis, along with some pictures of plus-sized women looking dope as hell in bikinis. cute.  subversive.  click bait.

it joins a larger discussion that dove and other major players in the beauty/fashion/media arena are having about how size shapes ideas about beauty.  what all this hopefully means is that the definition of what is "ok" or beautiful is changing.  it's well-known by those who know me personally that i just don't find skinny to be sexy.  i love curves.  i love thick.  always have.  and just like everyone else doesn't need a reason to prefer beauty normative standards, there's no special reason why i like hips better than none.  i just do.

this may all seem fairly circuitous way to introduce hard candy's all day eyeliner.  but this is a liner for those who prefer wide.  this pen cannot and will not make a wispy line.  it marches to the mantra of  "i like my black eyeliner like i like my women, thick."  it's a gorgeous statement-making sweep of black.  it's amy winehouse level.  and it stays put.  all day.  after taking the above picture i washed my hands three times with soap and still hand the word "thick" scrawled on it the next day.

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