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review: dove regenerative nourishment serum-in-oil.

{SRP $6.99 at retailers nationwide}

i haven't gotten my hair cut in 6 months.  i don't know how that works out for anyone else, but for me it is a patent disaster.   i have a good two inches of frayed hair at the bottom.  but, i also have a new baby, a new house in jersey, and a devotion to hairdresser back in brooklyn.  so, getting a haircut isn't so simple.

my natural texture is straight and on the oily side, translation: i normally try to avoid adding extra oil to my hair.  yet, i could tell my hair needed something.  when a sample of dove regenerative nourishment serum-in-oil arrived i absentmindedly put a few drops on my fingers and combed it through the ends of my hair.  when i next wandered by a mirror i was shocked to see my fuzzy mane of new mom hair looked like i'd gotten a blowout.  my locks were smooth and finished looking.  this is my new secret for when i have to leave the house and want to look like i actually have time to style my hair.  a must for any new mom, or anyone pressed for time or blowdryer averse, really.

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