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review: clinique sweet pots sugar scrub + lip balm.

{6 shades, $19.50, clinique.com}
it's an unwritten law of the universe that both sugar lip scrubs and lip balms are addictive, so clinique is probably trying to send me to rehab with their latest duo product.

predictably, i cannot get enough of the clinique sweet pot sugar scrub + lip balm.  pot twists one way for a delightfully gritty and sweet-tasting lip exfoliant, which they recommend tissue-ing off after 5 minutes (similar to the application technique of the kiehl's cilantro and orange extract pollutant defending masque), and following with a swipe of the balm side.  the balm is a buttery, lightly pigmented lip treatment.  i have sweet rose, a soft deep pink.  truth be told though, i just keep repeating the exfoliating step throughout the day because i love the way it feels.  either way, i'm addicted.

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