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review: bath and body works eucalyptus mint 3-wick candle.

{$22.50 at bathandbodyworks.com}

because i love candles i try to invest in a variety of price points (with the exception being the dollar store variety - that is just never a good option).   since i can go through a few candles a month if i'm in the mood, i like to have a mix of fancy/bespoke candles and some options from places like bath and body works or yankee candle but with carefully selected scents that still feel custom and luxurious.

i was drawn to bath and body works eucalyptus mint 3-wick candle even before testing it because i loved the idea of crisp refreshing scent for spring rather than another floral.

within minutes of lighting the wicks i realized it smelled exactly like something.  i couldn't help but get a happy, relaxed smile on my face as it burned.  finally i realized the scent reminded me of the beautiful boutique hotel  -the international house- in new orleans, where my friends and i stayed for my bachelorette exactly 3 years ago.  it brings back happy memories for me of three long days wandering lazily around the french quarter with six of my favorite friends in the world.  this candle offered the perfect instant pick me up, especially for these early spring days in the north that are just a touch colder than i'd like.

not only does this candle smell beautiful, distinct, and serene, it also has good staying power -- days after burning it for a couple of hour it's gorgeous scent still hung around my dining room.

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