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the lightest weight sunscreen.

{$42, at shiseido.com}

intellectually i know i should wear sunscreen everyday.  it prevents wrinkles.  it prevents age spots.  it prevents skin cancer.  but in practice, it is an often sticky and confusing to incorporate step during an already hectic start to the day.

shiseido's ultimate sun protection lotion broad spectrum spf 50+ for sensitive skin + children eliminates a host of excuses i use to avoid sunscreen.

it's good for sensitive skin, so it won't cause breakouts or redness.  it's safe for children, and tear-free,so i can smear it on myself and my little one before leaving the house.  it's also paraben-free, alcohol-free, PABA-free and fragrance-free.  however the product description does not even boast of what i consider to be it's greatest feat; it is unbelievably lightweight.  after applying it dries instantly and feels like i have nothing on - no moisture, no stickiness, nothing.

i'm hoping this will kick me into actually getting in the habit of wearing sunscreen every. single. day.

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