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review: kakadu C brightening daily cleanser.

this winter i'm into the idea of quick mini facials at home.

kakadu C brightening daily cleanser is an gel wash that is applied to dry skin.  then simply buff off with a warm wet washcloth.  previous washes i've tried that use this application technique have all been oil cleansers.  these washes are wonderful for hydration, but not always the best choice for combination or already oily skin.  what makes this option a favorite for me is that it is more brightening (from the vitamins C+A and the AHAs) and exfoliating (due to witch hazel extract) than an oil cleanser while still incredibly hydrating.  and, since i don't have to wet my face before applying it's even easier than just washing my face.

editor's note:  an earlier version of this post referred to the product as an oil wash, but it actually a gel. post has been amended.

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