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review: dolce and gabbana dolce rosa matte lipstick + nail lacquer in bonbon.

{both available at saks fifth avenue - matte lipstick $37, nail lacquer  $27}

the pantone color(s) of the year has a way of permeating my subconscious.  the 2016 hues - rose quartz and serenity - are no exception.  suddenly, i can't resist soft pink and sky blue.  for the moment these colors seem timeless.  might as well buy an entire wardrobe in these shades and paint the whole house to match, because i just know i'll love them forever.  it's hard to imagine they may seem dated 2017, but, in 2012 i probably thought i'd love tangerine forever.  with that in mind,  makeup seems like a great, low commitment way to incorporate these au courant colors.

dolce + gabbana have a luxurious lipstick and nail lacquer that make a hint of rose quartz an even more intriguing proposition.  i've been sitting on samples of their rosa matte lipstick in dolce rose and nail lacquer in bonbon for a couple of weeks.  i finally had the chance to test them this past saturday.  my husband took over the care of our sweet baby for a few hours and sent me the local nail spot.  i took along my bottle of bonbon and finished off the visit by applying my new lippie.

both are a pop of pastel pink that, despite being a soft, is distinct.  my manicure has caught a few eyes and shade name requests.  the two colors pair perfectly together, and lipstick has that divine rose scent expensive lipsticks sometimes have.  perhaps for now this is the perfect amount of rose quartz.

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