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review: aveeno skin relief gentle scent nourishing coconut body wash + lotion.

{clean as a coconut}

whenever i'm asked what body care i recommend for dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin the answer is always aveeno.  it's gentle, effective, and free of heavy colors and scents that can be irritating.  it can then also end up seeming a little boring.

the gentle scent line introduces mild, non-irritating scents that make good body care a little more fun.  it's the right combination of effective (hydrating, cleansing, non-irritating), and gratifying.   both the body wash and the lotion are available in nourishing coconut or soothing oat and chamomile.  i use nourishing coconut and it is the perfect amount of coconut - enough to remind me of the tropics, not so much that i feel like i'm inside an almond joy.  plus it's nice to have a body care fragrance option that's not floral or fruity or vanilla-y.

on shelves now.

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