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how to do simple heart nail art.

{tiny imperfect hearts}
i love the meticulous intricacy of nail art but havent had the time to get a proper design in a while. when i have a quick minute to spare i've been playing with some simple at-home nail design ideas. while they don't have the precision of a professional job i think part of their charm in in their minor imperfections.

this design in honor of valentine's day features hearts of two sizes, both made with only a toothpick and minimal skill and/or hand eye coordination.
step by step:

  1. apply base color x2.  choose a color without glitter or shimmer, otherwise the design will end up more blurry.  i went with bobbi brown roza nail polish, one of my favorite neutrals (but a limited edition shade that isn't currently available, sorry!). allow to dry completely.  i didn't add the designs until the following day.
  2. dab base of toothpick into chosen design color.  pick a color that pops against the background shade, and again avoid anything too shimmery for best clarity.  i picked china glaze sun of a peach.  
  3. for larger heart outline shape with toothpick on nail, applying light pressure.  re-dip toothpick in polish bottle often, as the tip of a toothpick holds very little polish.  then fill in outline using toothpick as a brush.
  4. for smaller hearts dip toothpick in polish then lay it down on nail to make one "petal".  repeat with the point of toothpick overlapping to the tip of the heart and other "petal".
{for small hearts lay toothpick sideways}
{overlap at the bottom to make the point}
{heart complete!}

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