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review: korres wild rose vitamin C petal peel.

{winter calls for vitamin C}

last week i had an appointment at mario badescu, initially for a massage and a facial. shortly after booking i realized i would only have time for one or the other (unless i wanted to lug my pump around for the day, #momlife).  while i think mario badescu offers best facial unequivocally (for evidence of my love of their technique check here, here or here), my back was jacked and i decided to go with the massage.  my massage with yoko was well worth it, but my skin still has a winter dullness that needs to get corrected, so i've been trying some new masques at-home.

korres wild rose vitamin C petal peel is the facial equivalent of changing my sheets.  what i mean by that is it takes 10 minutes and makes me automatically feel refreshed.  also, i should probably do it once a week.

because i'm actually often lazy about my skin, i'm usually wary of any multi-step process at home. even though this treatment is two steps, it's the easiest version of two steps imaginable. after applying step 1 (activating peel) step 2 gets layered directly on top 30 seconds later, with no rinsing in between.

step 1 is an activating peel gel made with aloe to open pores in preparation for step 2.  it's a clear gel with just the mildest tingle.   step 2 - the brightening and revealing peel mask - looks and smells and looks like rose putty.  i can't wait to put it on because it feels and smells so good.  after 10 minutes i just rinse with a wash cloth and my skin is a little smoother and brighter.

note, while step 1 and 2 both contain the word "peel", it is not as harsh as the word "peel" might imply.  it is great for those of us with larger pores, whose skin tends to hold on to dirt and old skin as it gently resurfaces, but for me there was no lingering redness or discomfort after washing it off.

$64 at sephora.

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