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party favors: harry potter potions nail polish DIY.

{accio, nail polish!}

while i followed a template when making my harry potter favors for baby shower (my post on potion-themed hand sanitizers), my clever friend liz invented her own DIY potions/party favor project.

{order in bulk}
{label without tea staining}
{label after tea staining}

i asked her to share the steps involved.  here they are:

  1. select a gold nail polish, in a bottle reminiscent of a potion's bottle.  liz chose sally hansen's insti dry in go for gold and ordered from drugstore.com in order to get a larger quantity than was available at her local pharmacy.
  2. use a harry potter font generator, such as the one on fontmeme, to create your labels, in this case felix acosta felicis, a play on my son's name and the harry potter liquid luck spell.
  3. print on white printer paper, then dye paper by soaking in tea, for an aged look.
  4. scrape brand label off nail polish and replace with potions label, using modge podge on bottom and top to seal.

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