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party favors: harry potter potion hand sanitizer craft.

{etsy listing from partyscribbles that caught my eye}

my kind (and very indulgent) friends put together a harry potter themed baby shower for me.  they worked hard to make sure every detail was from the wizarding world.  a banner declared "welcome little wizard", all the guests signed a hardcover harry potter book for my son to keep, and a stuffed owl named hedwig presided over the food table which was sprinkled with star confetti made of pages of the series.

in the week leading up to the shower i got so enthused about the theme that i decided to search etsy for harry potter favors to see what i could contribute, and immediately fell for the potion/hand sanitizer idea from seller partyscribbles.  the etsy store offered a DIY and pre-assembled option, and i chose to DIY.  here's a step-by-step:

{a sampling of the pocketbac hand sanitizers i ordered from bath and body works}
{sheet of printed labels, ready for cutting}
{the finished product}

  1. order the template for the sheet of labels for $5 from partyscribbles on etsy. each sheet has15 different potions each with 2 labels, totaling 30 labels per sheet.  
  2. order 30 pocketbac hand sanitizers from bath and body works.  since there are 15 different potions, each with 2 labels, i ordered a set of 2 of 15 different pocketbac scents.  this way i could match each potion to a unique color and scent. many of the scents i got were on post-holiday sale.  prices for individual bottles ranged between $1-2, plus shipping.  
  3. print the labels on to full sheet label paper, then cut each label out.  this was somewhat tedious, but did not require much concentration.  it took about one hour, but i also spent that time watching how i met your mother on netflix, and talking to my actual mother.
  4. stick new labels over the bath and body works label on each pocketbac.  they fit perfectly.
  5. distribute to party guests, and hope they enjoy them as much i do!
the actual assembly was not hard and didn't take long, and i was very happy with the finished product.  

next post i'll be sharing a step-by-step of  the potion-themed party favor my friend liz's created for the shower.

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