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NARS pro palette.

{dinner setting from a warm september night with NARS}

{keeping it neutral, like switzerland}

back in september i attended the semi-annual NARS fashion week dinner.  at the end of the night they gave each of us attendees a code to build our own pro palette on narscosmetics.com, a magnetic tray that can be custom outfitted with an array of NARS blushes, powders, and eyeshadows.

a palette always looks beautiful - it's an arrangement of colors and textures that go together. however just because the colors look good with each other, doesn't mean that doesn't mean all of them will look good on you.  with a pre-packaged palette usually some items end up being unused space holders.

but that's the genius of building your own palette - you pick what's in it!  that means you make an artful arrangement of all things you (at least think will) look good on you.   i chose to make the theme of neutrals, with a healthy dose of blush options.  this way i can use the palette as a go-to for various nude options to pair with a new bold lip color or eyeliner.  however, creating a palette full of just signature colors - bolds and glitters - strikes me as an equally good option.

in my palette (starting in left top corner):

  • miss liberty highlighting blush
  • deep throat blush
  • torrid blush
  • super orgasm blush
  • all about eve eyeshadow duo
  • sugarland eyeshadow duo
  • bouthan eyeshadow duo
  • night star single eyeshadow
  • nepal single eyeshadow
  • fathom single eyeshadow
  • flesh pressed powder
  • mekong single eyeshadow
  • sin blush
meticulously selecting which colors i wanted and then re-editing my selections was a lot of fun, though i found the actual check-out experience on the NARS site somewhat cumbersome (possibly because i was paying with a gift code and a credit card).  i love that the palette gives me several everyday blush and shadow options in one box, preventing me from having to dig through my makeup bag every morning to create a simple look.  plus it's just sort of fun to look at my creation.

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