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check, check.

{image via wildfoxcouture instagram}

2015 was my hardest year.

my husband and i became homeowners and had our first child.  but we also experienced a loss so completely devastating that it stopped me entirely.  i stopped seeing friends socially, attending beauty events, blogging.  i didn't even bother updating my beauty contacts, many of whom i've known for years, with my new address.  new makeup and samples for review stopped showing up, and i didn't even notice.  at this point i'd stopped wearing makeup anyway, so i wasn't really in a position to be recommending it.

this is not a post about my loss.  i am not yet an eloquent enough writer to bring anyone else on that journey.  the full and brutal force of how it makes me feel evaporates when i attempt to put it into words.

it is about what i want to do with this space moving forward.

in 2015 i saw many of my longtime friends either leave blogging, or transform their space into something more reflective of their current lives.  my friend lianne farbes went from being "the makeup girl" to over45beauty.com.  jeannine morris left behind "beauty sweet spot" for her eponymous new space jeanninemorris.com, focusing on wellness.  anne fritz no longer runs "the jet set girls", instead the mom of two is forever35.net.  as instagram and other microblogging platforms become an ever increasing sea of staged photos, my friends and the women i admire chose to become increasingly genuine in what they share.  so what about me?

i want to write about things that excite me.  mostly makeup, often vibrant. definitely nails.  sometimes skincare.  candles.  and maybe sometimes recipes or decorating tips or stationary.  i started blogging to share the things i discover that i love so hard i want you to discover them, too.  what i don't want is for my blog to be another chore.  i don't want to write because i feel like i'm "due" to post or i owe it someone because they sent over samples.

i want to start living my life in color again.


Karazzies said...

*hugs* I'm still here to read whatever you want to write about. Just stay true to yourself, life is all about growing up and changing, so this should be a pure reflection of that!

makeup loves me said...

thank you, karazzies! :)

lcf said...

I love you Marina!!!! So proud of your strength..... I'm here if you need ANYTHING!!! ❤️❤️

makeup loves me said...

thank you, mama! :)

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