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review: dove summer care beauty bar.

{clean for summer}

my husband only uses dove soap.  we buy the traditional dove beauty bars by the case.   any time there's a variation on the original dove i'm eager to try it, just to change things up a bit.  this season dove has created a special beauty bar just for summer called summer care.  i couldn't wait to make that our official soap of the season.

summer care is a hydrating formula, designed for skin spent days in wind and sun.  it's also a bit more exfoliating than the original beauty bar, with tiny flecks of exfoliating scrub built in.  the scent is totally unique - citrus, a rich floral bouquet and voluptuous vanilla and amber.

i love the idea that this soap, like the long hot days of summer, is a fleeting treat.  it's here to be savored for the next few months, then tucked away as a happy memory.   available now.

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