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review: aveeno protect + hydrate SPF 50.

{beach day needs}

oh beauties, where have i been?  the answer to that is far longer and more winding than the space of this post.  i debated getting into the details with you, but perhaps another time.  or perhaps never.  one thing i like about my blog is that it's concentrated on the beautiful things in my life.  i can come here and see many, many things that i love - great lipsticks, wonderful evenings with a favorite brand and old friends.  it's not about my whole life, and that's ok.  it's not about what is complicated or frustrating or doesn't go according to plan.  suffice it to say, there has been plenty of that lately.  but there's also been plenty of great and beautiful things. 

this weekend i got to visit my parents and relax for a few days in rhode island (where i captured the above instagram -- username:  makeuplovesme).  having schedule-free days to wander by the shoreline and eating summer seafood felt great.  and to somehow bring it back to the topic of this blog, i did use aveeno protect + hydate SPF 50 for many long walks on the beach, and i'm happily sunburn free.

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