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review: tampax pocket pearl.

{fun and practical}

here's the thing about feminine hygiene products - they're a necessity, not a luxury.  but just because they are basic doesn't mean they have to be clinical.

tampax pocket pearl takes both a technical and aesthetic approach to upgrading the tampon.  i spoke to scientists who designed the product at a recent tampax party, and learned each individual tampon reshapes during wear to fit one's anatomy and prevent leakage (so don't be surprised when it emerges after use a different shape than the typical little bullet). the top portion of the string is braided for further leakage control.  plus, the smaller compact size product  - or pocket pearl - still absorbs as much as it's full-sized counter part.  it just takes up less space. 

but my favorite design element is the wrappers.  rather than emblazoning the wrappers with the TAMPON!!!, each box has four geometric pattern wrapper designs that look more like mara hoffman's summer swimwear collection. 

on shelves nationwide.  visit tampax.com for more details.

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