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review: secret clear gel.


lately deodorant is taking it's inspiration from the 90's.  both spray-on and invisible formulas have made a comeback (see my spray-on review here).  thankfully, both have made considerable updates on their original versions.

since i'm really good at getting deodorant marks on my clothes i am especially excited about the reintroduction of clear deodorants.  secret clear gel - like all antiperspirants nowadays it promises 48 hours of wear.  while i've never gotten that much wear out of any formula i find that's a reliable indicator that it will at least keep me dry all day.   it still has the cold and squishy feel of clear deodorants past, but that's a small sacrifice for avoiding chalky lines on my clothes, and actually somewhat welcome as the weather heats up.

secret currently makes many, many versions of the clear gel - my favorite line being scent expressions.  available in many summery and tropical scents, it's the perfect accompaniment to a sleeveless dress. on shelves nationwide.  more information at secret.com.

editor's note:  please be advised that while i received samples of this product for review, all opinions are my own.

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