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review: hada labo tokyo ultimate anti-aging facial mask.


what are people, or at least beauty bloggers, talking about lately?  asian sheet masques and how-old.net (a site that analyzes your picture and tells you how old you look -- try it). 

i recently combined the two by having how-old.net rate a picture of me before and after trying hada labo tokyo's ultimate anti-aging facial masque.  the first picture was taken a few weeks ago during my jaunt to new orleans, where i apparently look 63 years old.  flash forward to a few nights ago, when i spent 15 minutes soaking my face in the hada labo tokyo sheet mask,  and woke the next morning for a no makeup selfie where i look 28!!!  just like that i took 35 years off my face.

while i can't guarantee you will be have the dramatic results i did, i can say even without the drastic age loss i loved the mask.  it was soothing, easy to use, and left my skin soft and dewy.  $15 for 4 masks.  visit habalabotokyo.com to learn more.

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