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new: sally hansen zodiac polishes.

{leo in rio, with a touch of pisces of me}

what's your zodiac sign?  is the question all my favorite beauty brands have asking of late.  beauty by astrology is a major force this summer, and as a horoscope aficionado, i'm into it!

last night i went to paintbox to celebrate sally hansen's new zodiac-inspired polish collection.  the polishes have built-in base and top coat, simplifying the multi-step manicure process.  though i'm a proud gemini, i was drawn to leo in rio - a bright orange-y red, with a little accent of teal, or pisces of me. the combination reminds me of the little mermaid.

the shades:
  • tempting taurus seafoam green
  • geminicello buttery yellow
  • cancer moon shimmering nude
  • leo in rio orange red
  • viro-go-go pink pale pink
  • lady libra-ty light blue
  • scorpio sizzle fuchsia
  • plumtarius rich purple
  • cup o'capricorn nude
  • age of aquarius teal
  • pisces of me  jade
  • cherries to my aries classic red

this collection lends itself to mix and match.  i suggest you use your sign as the backdrop, then dedicate a nail or two to someone special!  perhaps an accent finger for your beau, or a friend on her wedding day. 

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