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review: mario badescu botanical exfoliating scrub.

{perfect welcome home gift}

i came home from 4 days in new orleans looking exactly like someone who had been living off of butter, salt and mixed drinks.  my skin appeared to have a film of grey over it -- very glamorous.  but no sooner did i have a problem than did mario badescu have a solution.

sitting on my table when i got back home was a little box containing their newest cleanser - botanical exfoliating scrub.  while i tend to shy away from gritty exfoliators for my face the texture of this product is more of a cushiony pulp with tiny flecks of exfoliation.  the product's star ingredients include ecuadorian ivory palm seeds, coconut extract, ginger extract, green tea extra and gingko extract.  all these botanicals are soothing, softening, brightening and exfoliating, and come together beautifully.   i can't wait to use it every morning because the emulsion just feels good for skin. 

launching today (4/16/15) on mariobadescu.com,  and rolling out to ulta and nordstrom next month (may 2015)!

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