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konmari and the art of loungewear maintenance.

{my new hanes loungewear}

it seemed like overnight everyone was talking about konmari -- the japanese decluttering technique detailed in marie kondo's book the life-changing magic of tidying up.  the basic tenet is to clean up by catagory -- ie: go through all of your shoes/purses/shirts at one time -- and only hold on the pieces you truly love.  once one has every single pair of shoes together, gathered from the entryway, the closet, the bedroom and wherever else they are hiding one can appreciate just how large their collection really is.

as someone who has felt truly overwhelmed by clutter this strategy has helped me to let go of some things i realized just didn't work for me, and send them off to new homes.

while i've certainly decluttered, i've also found out i needed to go shopping!  the unexpected effect of konmari-ing my wardrobe was that not only did it highlight my areas of abundance (i'm looking at you long sleeved striped shirts!), but also showed me where there are gaps. 

kondo is strictly against downgrading castaway items to loungewear.  with that philosophy in mind, i realized i didn't have any truly beloved house clothes.  while one wants loungewear that is both comfortable and flattering, it doesn't necessarily need to be costly.  my new kicking-around-the-house collection is all from hanes, including tees and sweatshirts that are current, flattering, and very budget friendly (see my collection above).

i'm off to declutter my purse collection!

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