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review: lush cosmetics d'fluff shaving soap.

{strawberry fields forever}
i kind of thought i was done with shaving gels.  i haven't really used one in years because most razors are now equipped with a moisture strip, and it's so easy to substitute conditioner or creamy body wash for shave gel.  a few months ago i received lush's d'fluff strawberry shaving soap and tucked it in my shower to be tested without giving it much of a second thought.  it slowly but surely won my heart, and now i find myself looking for an excuse to use it.

this mix of strawberries, rosehip oil, coconut oil and maple syrup reads like the ingredient list to a beloved signature cocktail.  the combination creates a scent that makes me smile -- no matter what my mood is when i enter the shower it's automatically lifted by this sweet jam-y scent.  the somewhat thick texture is great because it stays in place (rather than rinsing away while you are reaching for the razor) and gives it a more substantial soap-y feel.  like, i feel like my legs are actually getting washed in the process.

$9.95 for 2.5 ounces at lushusa.com.

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