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review: dove dry spray antiperspirant.

{6 varieties}

lately it feels like i've been transported back to my mid-90s middle school gym locker room -- all my friends are talking about spray-on deodorant.  my instagram is filled with pictures of the chicest ladies i know touting the stuff.  dove has joined the re-introduction of the spray-on antiperspirant category with dry spray in an array scents and types (pictured above).  

i've been testing dove dry spray sensitive for past week, and am loving the updates to the product compared with the spray-ons i used eons ago when i first started to wear deodorant.  the newest formula is a completely dry spray -- meaning it doesn't run down  arms or require any down time before dressing.  like many newer antiperspirant formulas, this version is meant last 48 hours, and while i don't get quite that much wear-time out of it, it definitely works for a solid 24 (very busy) hours.  and of course, the thing i've always loved about spray-ons -- since they never make skin contact they are easy to share --sorta it's own weird form of friendship bracelet.

available at drugstores nationwide for approximately $6.50.

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