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review: gillette venus swirl.

{razor packaged with 2 blade refills}
the gillette venus swirl offers the smoothest shave i've had to date.  as i've mentioned in many posts, i am not good with razors.  so not good that i have many scars on my knees and ankles from shaving accidents.  so not good that i eventually had laser hair removal of my lower legs (at beam laser spa - they are terrific!) to try to prevent further injury.  but i still get some re-growth now and then, so i always need a good razor handy.

there are many technological advances that make the shave with the gilette venus swirl the smoothest yet.  it's amazing how much thought and attention to detail went into it's inception, including:
  •  new flexiball technology (brand new to both the women's and men's razor market) which allows the razor to navigate contours (like ankles and knees) with ease (and without nicking the skin).  
  • the razor has five blades, which thinner and finer than their predecessors, making the shave less clumsy.
  • a microfine comb accompanies the blades, guiding hair into a uniform direction for a more even shave. 
  • the blades are surrounded by a water-activiated moistureglide serum, which acts as a built-in shave gel.

this is the perfect razor for anyone who finds shaving as tricky as i do.  suggested retail price of $12.59 at food and drugstores nationwide.

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