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review: CND vinylux weekly polish.

{shades used:  butterfly queen #190 + blush teddy #182 with accents of wisteria haze #193}

if you happened to run into my last week then you probably found yourself in a discussion about CND vinylux manicure.  i can't stop talking about it! 

CND invited me to try out the newest shades of their vinylux weekly polish at paintbox (one of my favorite spots for nail designs), with a manicure inspired by one of the looks CND created for the spring/summer 2015 fashion week shows.  i chose a design loosely fashioned on the one they created for the blonds show (see the original nails below).  i quickly fell involve both the nail art and the polish itself.

i initially was worried it would be a waste of time getting designs on nails that weren't gel, but CND assured me the vinylux polish lasts a full 7 days.  i actually ended up getting 9 days out my look before serious chipping set in.  the polish also continues to harden on your nails the longer you wear it, which helped to protect my seriously brittle tips.  best of all, unlike gel, it doesn't require any light or special equipment to set the polish, and it removes easily at-home with ordinary nail polish remover.

available through CND's pro line

{my inspiration from the blonds show, gives meaning to the phrase "more is more"}

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