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review: aveeno daily moisturizing body wash.

{so good}
i'm more of a body wash than bar soap girl.  however, anything with color or scent is too drying for my already-totally-parched skin.  since it's freezing out (as i'm guessing you've heard one hundred billion times in a million places), and freezing weather is drying for skin, i cannot afford to use a wash that would make my skin a drop drier.  ergo, i need a body wash that is unscented and gentle.  it's simple math.

that's why i'm exclusively washing with aveeno daily moisturizing body wash.  this oatmeal-based wash not only prevents further irritation, it soothes skin, aiding to clear minor redness.  it does have a very mild scent to it.  it smells clean and modern, not at like what one may expect from an oatmeal wash. 

6 fl ounces for $6.99 on aveeno.com.

editor's note:  i am a brand ambassador for aveeno.  my role with the brand is unpaid, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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