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review: skinfix hand repair cream.

who has winter hands?  i do!  or, did.  despite dropping temperatures in NYC my cracked hands have improved  daily with the use of skinfix hand repair cream

i received a sample tube weeks ago, but forgot about it until my hands actually hurt earlier this week from being so cracked.  that's when i started hunting through my clutter (one of my new year's resolutions is to organize said clutter) to find this cream and see if it really could fix dry, cracked hands. 

after one application my hands were greatly improved - cracks visibly reduced.  another thing i love about this lotion is one application lasts all day - it's not the sort of lotion that requires reapplication every few hours.  in fact after using it the last 5 days it worked so well that i don't even need any of it today!  so while $17.99 may seem steep for a hand cream, it's actually a bargain because one tube could last all winter.

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