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review: NIVEA in-shower body lotion.

NIVEA in-shower body lotion is basically a body conditioner.  after cleansing with soap or body wash, one gets to lotion up in the shower, and rinse.  which is a very good thing!  

the idea of a body conditioner is not new.  it's been offered by various niche brands in the past.  i've tried versions from ted gibson and lush cosmetics (both of which i loved).  however, this is the first i know of it being offered by mass brand. 

NIVEA in-shower body lotion is available in 3 varieties - nourishing (with almond oil), hydrating (with sea minerals), and smoothing (with shea butter).  over the weekend i started using the nourishing version (with almond oil). my absolute favorite thing about body conditioners is that i don't have to apply lotion after showering, which is both a freezing and annoying task.  the product allows me to actually lotion up daily, something i end up skipping many days because of the hassle, but need to do because my skin gets so dry this time of year.  i also like the soft, buttery finish this version gives my skin, and the very light but lingering scent - a clean, non-cloying, almond.

now available in stores for $7.99.

1 comment:

daydreaming beauty said...

I'm anxious to try this product. I used to use an amazing one from Cocoa Pink that I loved. Thanks for the heads up!

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