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can you use sally hansen miracle gel top coat with regular nail polish?

{is it magic?}

question:  can you use sally hansen miracle gel top coat with regular nail polish?

the short answer is:  YES!  you can do whatever you want!  live your life.

the Q+A page for this product discourages this use, stating that the top coat is designed specifically for the sally hansen miracle gel color polishes and they cannot vouch for it's efficacy when used otherwise.

in practice, ive used this top coat with two of my favorite deborah lippmann polishes to see if it would prolong my time before chipping.  unlike most at-home gel systems sally hansen miracle gel requires no special light to set the polish.  it applies just like a regular top coat, so that's how i used it.  i put two coats of regular color polish on, then finished with a single coat of sally hansen miracle gel top coat.

i got about 4-5 days of wear before significant chipping became noticeable.  while this isn't the 10-14 days one expects from a true gel manicure, it's longer than what i typically get out of a regular manicure.  when the polish did start to chip it peeled in sheets (similar to other gel manis), rather than flaking.  however the polish came off easily with regular remover (unlike typical gels!).

available at CVS and other drugstores nationwide for approximately $7.99.

editor's note:  i received my bottle with assorted samples from CVS beauty club.

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