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barbie holiday gifts 2014.

{me and dina kidnapping holiday barbie}

{holiday barbie display}
i can't help it.  i love barbiestyle coalition invited me to soiree in honor of barbie's holiday 2014 options, including the annual collector 2014 barbie and the barbie fashion design maker doll.  the annual collector doll is a classic (as one would guess) complete with a red ballgown.  the fashion design maker doll allows one to design barbie outfits on the computer, print them out at home and stick them right on the doll.  the evening was complete with hands-on demos, holiday cocktails and barbie-themed manicures.

to see all of the barbie's holiday gift ideas for click here.

{me, designing a cat-themed barbie outfit}
{my barbie mani}

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