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review: vitafusion gummy women's vitamins.

{eat me}
the cool, dry air of fall makes my nails supremely brittle.  once october sets in i typically cant go a day without a nail fracture.  while i don't always get into multivitamins i was particularly excited about vitafusion's women's version for 2 reasons:
  1. they contain biotin, which supports nail and hair growth.
  2. they taste like gummy candies!
the biotin is absolutely effective in reversing my fall nail woes.  after taking the vitamin for 2 weeks my nails were longer than i'd ever thought possible by natural means.   i was starting to grow talons, in the best way possible!  however i was also taking 6, rather than the recommended 2, vitamins a day.  this was due to their delicious berry flavor, and poor self control.  however the excess of biotin caused me to breakout.  so do yourself a favor and stick to the prescribed amount (which, again, is 2 gummies a day).  my nail growth on the current dose is not quite as impressive, but my skin is much better.

what i've learned from this is that i'm much more likely to actually take a vitamin if it's a gummy, albeit perhaps too likely.  visit gummyvites.com/vitafusion to learn more.

{outtake from my afternoon with vitafusion, and blogging bestie aly walansky}

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