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review: perfumes of the zodiac by strange invisible perfumes.

{what's your zodiac sign?}
i'm a gemini.  one who reads her astrology zone forecast religiously each month, and to say i identify as my sign would be an understatement. 

when i learned strange invisible perfumes had made a scent expressly for geminis (and all the other 11 signs of the zodiac), i was elated.   but by the time my sample vial i arrived i became a bit nervous, what was gemini supposed to smell like?  and what would it mean if i didn't agree with the scent? 

the second i put it on my worries dissipated.  i loved it (of course!  how could i not?!).  the gemini scent draws on our trait of duality, or being able to see a situation from all angles - mixing sweet florals and darker musks.  the fragrance is a mix of violet, gardenia, angelica, amber and leather.  it is a seductive mix, without smelling at all heavy. 

visit the site to see how the brand interprets your sign.  $125 per vial at siperfumes.com.

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