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review: fresh creme ancienne.

{to look less ancient}
a rich moisturizer feels so cozy at end of a chilly day.   now that the sun is setting at 4:30pm (ugh!), and the frigid air feels painful against my skin, being home for the night is truly thrilling.  of late, the thing i'm most looking forward to is getting into my warmest PJ set, and layering fresh creme ancienne on my face and neck.

creme ancienne draws it's inspiration from the antediluvian; the formula is based on earth's oldest moisturizer.  the making requires not just precise measures of each ingredient, but that the exact sequence and temperature at which each can be added be consistent.  in order to achieve this precision fresh has entrusted only the monks.  it's made exclusively in a monastery, and the results are otherworldly.  the rich cream feels positively pillowy on my wind-bitten face.

cream ancienne is $280 at fresh.com.

bonus:  i use emptied fresh jars as storage for makeup brushes. 

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