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review: acuvue define contact lenses.

{look into my eyes}

ever want your eyes to just be a little bit more?  acuvue define is the latest twist on eye-enhancing contacts, offering a subtle but noticeable difference.  rather than changing eye color the lenses work to intensify the wearer's own eye hue

acuvue define contacts have an enhanced limbal ring (the dark circle around the colored part, or iris, of the eye).  a more defined limbal ring makes eyes look both larger and more inviting.  it's a subtle social cue that draws others in.

the new lenses also offer additional spokes in the iris , increasing the definition and depth within ones own eye color.  the amount of shading varies with three different color options, from more subtle to more intense.  major bonus:  they all also have SPF!

{the lens}

available in both vision correction and non-vision correction.  the lenses are available in 15 states currently, and will be available nationwide spring 2015.  visit https://www.acuvue.com/define to find to the location nearest you.

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