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review: hard candy BROWS NOW (plus a peek in the hard candy factory!)

{lip gloss, anyone?}
{in the coral}
{one roll of neon, please}
i recently spent a few hours touring the hard candy factory in new jersey, seeing where and how makeup is made.  this was a truly thrilling for me, as both a makeup and hard candy lover.  i was able to see the entire process from raw ingredients, to huge boiling vats of gooey hues, all the way to packaging and labeling.

while i fell in love with the bright colors i saw at every turn (how gorgeous is that neon?!), the product i took home that i have used everyday since is the brand's brow gel.  the formula of hard candy BROWS NOW reminds me of my previous favorite fancy-brand brow gel (i won't mention any names), but with a better brush, a highlight added to the other end, and 1/3 of the price tag.  available in just two shades - light medium and medium dark, the light medium blends easily with my natural brow shade.  the spooly brush is covered in tiny microfibers, making it easy to get good coverage with just one swipe.  flip it over to add highlight under brows, or along cheekbones, for extra definition. plus, it is $8 (!) at walmart.

i'm sure i'll be sharing other colorful hard candy finds from my factory tour in the weeks to come, but the BROWS NOW is a beauty necessity that i couldn't wait to share.

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