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review: dr brandt laser FX bright serum.

i'm not always thrilled to try a serum.  sometimes it's the texture - either too runny or too heavy.  sometimes it's the mere fact that it seems like one more my step in an ever growing skincare routine.  whatever the reason, i was curious, but not over the moon, when i heard celebrity dermatologist (kim k's a fan), dr. brandt, was adding 3 new "laser FX" serums to his eponymous line.

my excitement increased when i heard dr. brandt speak about the serums.  it was one of the first truly fall evenings of late september.  i escaped the crisp air and tucked into the meticuliously-editted birchbox store in soho where dr. brandt described the new serums as a way achieve effects similar to those of popular laser treatments in a dermatology office, but at home.  based on the most sought-after laser effects, there's a serum for tightening (laser FX lift serum), one for fine lines (laser FX perfect serum) and a third to even tone (laser FX bright serum).

after a quick consult with a member of the dr. brandt team i was advised to try laser fx bright serum, designed to treat uneven color, dark spots and dullness.  i dutifully applied a pea-sized amount before bed, and was pleasantly surprised by the texture - soft, light, and not a bit watery.  an even more pleasant surprise occurred when i woke up; looking refreshed, and somehow already more evenly-complected.  i initially thought i'd just test the treatment at night, though the packaging advises AM and PM use.  however, i quickly became hooked.  for the past two weeks it's the most important step in my morning and evening routine.  dark spots from zits i had ages ago have finally disappeared. 

each laser FX serum retails for $78 (a steal when compared with an actual laser treatments) at birchbox.com.

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