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october is eczema awareness month.

{calming bath}
october is eczema awareness month.  while i don't personally suffer from eczema, some of the dearest people to me do.  my husband and my best friend's daughter experience the frustration of itchy, flaky rash that eczema causes.  october is a particularly apt time for eczema awareness, as the rash often gets worse with season change, and is particularly bad in colder and dryer months. 

i am happy to say that one the brands with whom i have a long history also happens to be one of the most  trusted in eczema treatment.  both my husband and my honorary niece count on products from the aveeno eczema therapy line to manage their symptoms.  the aveeno brand was founded to help those with sensitive and eczematous skin, and they continue to create new products to that end today.  i want to offer a heart-felt thank you to the brand for continuing to make skincare that helps some of the people i care about most.  thank you, aveeno, for being awesome!

to see all of the products in their eczema line click here.

{a life-like picture of wheat on that cookie}

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