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dolce + gabbana perfect the lift foundation + the primer.

{a better couple than pb+j}
season change, for me, means changing not just my lip, eye and cheek shades that are in high rotation, but also my skincare and foundation regimen.  new for this fall (released september 2014) dolce + gabbana the lift foundation + the primer has stolen my heart.  perhaps the love affair began because i've recently renewed my commitment to good skincare, and this duo is like skincare and makeup in one.

the foundation (and primer) contain gold flavo-silk tricomplex, a proprietary blend of gold silk sericin, italian olive oil, and vitamin b3.  the combination provides immediate hydration while working to improve fine lines over 4 weeks. the pair also contains SPF - 25 in the foundation and 30 in the primer.

i'm not always a proponent of a daily primer, but this primer and foundation are truly a team.  i've never seen a duo that work better together.   this foundation is great (light + natural-appearing, but with excellent coverage), but when used with the primer it's on another level.  together they make my skin look distractingly good.  plus the routine doesn't really add time to my routine; i've been applying both the primer and foundation quickly and with my fingers (and still getting the desired result).

available in 15 shades, i wear creamy$72 for the foundation, $68 for the primer. 

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