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new: firefly hello kitty ready go brush + mouthrinse.

{hello, kitties!}
hello kitty is celebrating 40 years as a beloved feline.  or is she?  last month sanrio released a series of confusing statements about whether hello kitty is a cat, a girl, an anthropomorphic cat-girl, or something else (to recap the back and forth click here).  while the whole dialogue was a bit confusing, i understand because i have the same problem with twizzler - cat, girl, superhero (all of the above)?  it's hard to say! 

firefly is celebrating hello kitty's anniversary by honoring her with a toothbrush (actually 4 toothbrush designs) and mouthwash.  both make the perfect mini gifts for any girl under 12, or a hello kitty lover of any age and gender!  peruse the options at fireflytoothbrush.com.

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