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reivew: immunocologie skincare.

{immune to bad skin}

surely you are familiar with the cold press juice craze, where fruits and vegetables are kept chilled while extracting their juices in order preserve the vitamins and nutrients.  in the same vein, immunologie makes cold pressed skincare from natural ingredients.  the elixirs are then housed in a thick black glass to preserve their integrity (and look elegant on one's skin).

while im not sure i necessarily ascribe to the cold pressed philosophy, if seeing is believing than count me as a convert. i recently met one of the founders of this line who is in her 70s, has never had a needle put to her face, and has not on deep wrinkle.   when i asked her for the one beauty essential she'd recommend from the line, she didn't miss a beat in telling me that the vital mist is an absolute must-have, and gently spritzing the skin refreshing formula on my face.  on my face out from our meeting i ran into an old friend who complimented on how well-rested i'm looking (ha!).  i'm hoping to take this beauty booster with my everywhere, but especially on my transatlantic flight this coming weekend.

vital mist is $65.  entire line available at immunologie.com.

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