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new: palmer's cocoa butter men's line.

palmer's cocoa butter chose a most creative way to announce their new men's line- with a screening of the newes hercules movie.  could their be a better fit for a men's line than the demi-god known for masculinity, strength and adventure?  even though it was an action movie (not my preferred genre) i still enjoyed it for the indelible combination of greek mythology and humor

as for palmer's men's line - it introduces 6 face and body products designed for dudes.  all contain cocoa butter and vitamin E, for hydration and skin smoothing.  i think the body & face wash is a particularly genius combination, as most men i speak to seem to use one product for both whether that's it's intended use or not.  get to know the newest products at palmers.com, or on the shelves of local mass market retailers.

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