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ingrid michaelson at summer stage with hard candy.

{perfect summer evening}
{with the band: me, ingrid michaelson, and my friend lotus - at the hard candy after-party}
last wednesday (7/30/14) hard candy invited me, plus a guest, to central park's summer stage to see ingrid michaelson perform.  i recruited my friend lotus for the evening, an enthusiastic plus-one.  i was expecting to have a moderately nice night of live music, but it ended up being so much better than that.  like only truly great performances do, it inspired nostalgia.

the ideal weather (warm, not too humid, with a few fluffy clouds floating along) set the stage for a summer night best spent outdoors.  the packed concert drew that frenetic NYC energy that first brought me to this city.  a city that even when it frustrates me, i can't help but still love.  ingrid herself played a set that truly transfixed me, holding my attention from the second she stepped on stage.

 the magical night made me think about the things that don't change.  so many of the things that brought me joy years ago are still the things that delight me today - friendships, perfect summer nights, live music, and fun makeup.  i've loved hard candy for decades now, and while the brand has transformed it's still pumping out vibrant colors and daring glitters that other lines may shy away from.  thank you, hard candy, for a great night, and being uniquely you.

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