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review: lush r+b hair moisturizer.

{pot of island breeze}

anecdote:  my husband and i recently met a woman who smelled divine.  i could hardly pay attention to what she saying because her scent mentally transported me to an island; like an evening breeze of fragrant blooms.  i asked my husband if he noticed and he immediately replied, "i didn't want to sound weird, but yeah she smells really good."  that's actually a glowing fragrance review from him.  upon our next meeting i had to ask her, "what perfume do you wear?".  she replied, "oh, that's not my perfume, it's lush's r+b hair moisturizer."

i should have known lush had something to do with it! 

the lush site confirmed that the heavenly scent was a mix of orange blossom and jasmine (swoon!).  the product itself is a leave-in conditioner/styler for thick and curly hair, but i think of it more as a vehicle for smelling amazing.  especially since my hair is neither thick, nor curly.  still, i use it in place of conditioner and it's especially good on french braid days (nice hold), plus that magic scent lingers for hours.

$22.95 at lushusa.com.

1 comment:

Ariette Laguras said...

Where can I get that lush's r+b hair moisturizer? Is that available here in Hong Kong? I'm really curious how that smells like.

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