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new: dolce+gabbana passion duo gloss fusion lipstick.

{a d+g summer}
dolce + gabbana drew inspiration for their summer glow collection (launching in august 2014) from feminine florals and italian summers (swoon).   while the collection is not yet on shelves i've had the chance to try out some pre-release samples and am particularly enamored with the new passion duo gloss fusion lipstick shades.

{my crystal ball sees lipstick in the future}
the summer glow collection introduces 4 new shades of passion duo gloss fusion lipstick:
  • lotus
  • amaryllis
  • orchid 
  • lily
despite their glossy texture and moisturizing center, these are true lipsticks in the sense that they are color-rich.  while the new hues are all in the pink range they make a distinct statement, one of summer elegance.  these colors feel at home on a sun-kissed skin and minimal eye makeup.  they feel perfect for sipping italian sodas and walking on the beach.

visit dolcegabbana.com for more. 

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