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summer makeup.

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it's HOT - and i'm thrilled.  this is my dream weather.  i want to wear sandals, and flowy dresses, and possibly even try out a crop top (more on that later).

but my makeup begs to differ.  balmy days and makeup meltdown are practically synonyms.  the best way to avoid looking like a clown in the heat is to keep it simple.  i've pared down my daily look to the basics.  today it's CC cream, a colored eyeliner (which can actually look better when it gets a little smudged) and NIVEA a kiss of care + color in either sheer pink.  this is going to be summer face uniform.    i like to bring the lip color along with my true essentials (like my keys and metrocard) out for the day.  since i've also minimized my purse for summer, it pretty much all that fits, and all i really need.  

to see my review of NIVEA  a kiss of care + color click here.

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