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review: clairol root touch-up.

{roots be gone!}

as much as i love auburn hair, the upkeep always ends up being a bit of a process.  red fades quickly, and i am blessed/cursed with fast-growing hair.  about 4 weeks after my color transformation (seen here) my roots were serious.  in a panic, i reached out to james, of the james corbett salon (who did my original color) to find out what he recommended. 

james advised me to use clairol root touch-up in 6R (light auburn), followed by natural instincts in spiced tea after towel-drying.  i decided to complete step 1 then wait a few days for step 2, because i was in a bit of rush.  root touch-up proved to be a quick fix to my hairy situation. my hair looks good as new, as long as one doesn't dig to hard - root touch-up contains just enough color to cover one's the part, the front, the spots around the ears - not all of one's roots.

since red fades so quickly james also recommends redheads try washing their hair less often and use dry shampoo in between to stay fresh.  another one of his favorite tips to help prevent fading is rinsing hair with vinegar once a week to help seal the cuticle.  stay red, hair!

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